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Resource Advantage

Source: By:中國聨倉团队 Date of Issuance:2016-7-25

l  Under the ideology of serve the society, serve local economy, the Company, has established good cooperation with many local governments and development zones. Because of such a good cooperation and rich client resource, the Company becomes more attractive so that it is easier to get the land from the government when planning to invest a project.


l  Apart from its own investment teams, the Company still has its own construction team and property management team, so that it is rather competitive in cost control, work duration control and quality control.


l  The Company has kept a close relationship with several intermediate agencies and industrial associations, which makes the information about project development and customers more abundant.


Client Advantage:

The Company has extraordinary teams which are rather excellent in localization development and investment attraction. Because of such teams, the Company has got lots of clients in the field of E-business and third party logistics.

In 2014, the Company cooperated with LaSalle Investment Management Co., Ltd. (a company whose investment is everywhere). By the cooperation, they planned to jointly develop 600,000 m2 standard logistics facilities. As for this cooperation, both companies are able to be benefited from mutual complement ---- Liancang has powerful native teams while LaSalle has rich resources all over the world, so that both companies will be positively affected.


Capital Advantage: As an extraordinary leader in investment, the Company has best performance in finance. Depending on abundant capital and excellent business capability, the Company is able to well return the investors, which attracts a lot of fund organizations. Therefore, the capital of the Company is well guaranteed.

Team Advantage: our team members are rather professional, who are quite experienced in site selection, design, construction and property service. They are willing to learn new knowledge about logistics, so that they are able to know what clients want and how to satisfy clients. When serving clients, our teams will not only provide convenient and safety production space (or logistics space), but also help clients to do the planning and layout. In this case, the clients can get their warehousing cost lowered and improve their competitiveness.