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Construction Standard

Broad Inner Space

Our warehouses, both single-deck ones and double-deck ones, the height is no less than 9.5m, which is able to increase the height of shelves, so that more goods are able to be stored and the warehousing cost will be lowered. Goods out-and-in in 24 hours are guaranteed because there is enough natural lighting and lighting facility.

Completed Safety Measures

In our warehouses, there is equipped with auto spraying and smoke detection systems, which are connected with local fire fighting institute. In this way, the clients will be free from fire concerns. As for our single-deck warehouse or the first floor of the warehouse, the load bearing is no less than 3t per square meter; as for second floor, the load bearing is no less than 2t per square meter. Besides, the ground is done with wear-resistant treatment, so that there will be no dust.

Convenient Loading and Unloading Facility

The distance between the warehouse ground and the site ground is 1.3m, where is equipped with an adjusting plate, so that all kinds of trucks are able to come in-and-out fast. The rainshed outward extension makes the loading and unloading undisturbed by the weather. In our community, the road and other sites are rather wide, as well as the second floor of the warehouse. As for double-floor warehouse, there will be designed with slopes and sites on second floor, so that the traffic in the community will be convenient and the loading / unloading will be fast.