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Standard Development

As for standard development, it means that the Company, on the basis of market survey, design, construction and equipment management, develops universal distribution facilities. After choosing the most strategic distribution spot, the Company will develop universal warehousing logistics center whose scale and grade are able to satisfy clients. so that logistics facilities will be provided for clients, making logistics distribution more convenient and cost-effective.

Customized Development

Customized development is that the Company, according to clients’ needs, chooses a suitable location to construct, operate and manage the logistics facility. The Company will show its high-quality performance in site selection, facility design and construction management etc. In addition, the Company will develop distribution facility via advanced skills. At the same time, the Company will keep a close partnership with its clients and provide the most suitable services.

After-sales Leaseback

In order to satisfy clients’ increasing financial goal, the Company is able to take over distribution facilities owned by clients and then lease it back to them. First, the Company will buy the clients’ logistics facility by capital, then sigh a lease contract with clients, agreeing that the clients are able to continue to use these logistics facilities.What the Company does (acquisition and leaseback) will deduct the logistics facility from clients’ balance sheet. As a result, the client can be more concentrated on their core business via downsizing assets and increasing capital development.

Advantage of Acquisition & Leaseback

Increase the ROA and asset liquidity

Lower Debts

Convert fixed asset into flow cash, which is to be used for core businesses.

Property Service

The Company’s earliest project was developed in 2002. For over 10 years, the Company has perfected its rules and service standards in property management. Anyway, the Company will serve all clients in a fast and high efficient way. Currently, our property team has been highly evaluated by clients.

Maintenance Service

No matter where is required to be maintained (even if in the scope of clients), the Company will do the maintenance in first time in order to make it available for clients as soon as possible.

Public Security Service

Different patrolling routes will be planned at different times. So that clients are able to enjoy high-quality security services without being disturbed.

Cleaning Service

There are enough cleaners who will keep the community clean and tidy at any time. Rubbish collection spots and rubbish removing will not adversely impact on clients.