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Liancang Mind Holdings Limited is a comprehensive and professional company engaging in real estate development, industrial investment and capital operation, which is also a comprehensive platform good at capital management, development and operation of industrial real estate and logistics park. The Company also has abundant channels for funds. For a long time, the Company has devoted to providing safe and efficient storage space for 3PL, E-business, supermarkets and traders, as well as excellent workshops for production-oriented enterprises.

With its head office located in Hong Kong, the Company, relying on the advantage of IFC (International Finance Center) and abundant financing channels, has established stable partnership with several Fortune 500. Currently, the Company has 500,000m2 real estate distributed in Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Shenyang, which is under operation. Besides, the Company still has some projects being prepared or constructed in several provincial cities, that is there will be more logistics parks or industrial parks all over China. Then in the future, there will form a strategy that Shanghai is the center, the whole China will be involved step by step.

The Company has 500,000m2 property which has been constructed or which is being constructed. Still, more and more property is being developed, so that in the future, there will be more logistics parks and industrial parks in China.

In 2014, the Company cooperated with LaSalle Investment Management Co., Ltd. (a company whose investment is everywhere). By the cooperation, they planned to jointly develop 600,000 m2 standard logistics facilities. As for this cooperation, both companies are able to be benefited from mutual complement ---- Liancang has powerful native teams while LaSalle has rich resources all over the world, so that both companies will be positively affected.


Honest and Trustworthy

Being honest and trustworthy is a principle to be strictly stuck to when developing business. That is the Company will never break its words. We are working hard to prove that what we are always insisting on: being transparent, being sincere and being trustworthy. The quality that the Company has helps us get respect and reputation from clients.

Diligent and Responsible

The Company will be quite diligent and responsible when serving each client and investor. Being diligent and responsible is rather significant to realize the Company’s goal.


We are full of passion when working. The Company is devoting to provide high-quality services for all clients. Our employees are pretty decisive, smart and result-focusing. Anyway, we are clever and dare to think. We always think carefully before acting.


We are a team. We believe that harmonious corporate culture will make us more competitive in the society. All employees are encouraged to share their comments and exchange sincerely. That is the Company accepts different views and opinions.


Construction Management / Project Manager


Diligent and Responsible

1、 Collect and study codes, policies and industry trend related to real estate design.

2、 Take part in the construction planning and design when developing real estate.

3、Keep an eye on the sub-company, making sure they strictly follow the design proposal and drawings.

4、 Coordinate with the relations among different departments and solve conflicts therefrom.

5、Collect information about clients' demands, make project targets, make sure that all core parts (including project target, progress schedule, quality goal and guarantee measures) of the project totally satisfy clients.

6、 After construction, organize the acceptance.

7、 Charge the training and management performance.


1、 Have a bachelor degree or above, majored in civil engineering, planning and architecture or other relevant majors.

2、 Over 3 years' experience in engineering management, priority will be given to the ones who once took part in large-scale architecture engineering.

3、 Familiar with national and local laws, rules, policies and codes; familiar with procedure of real estate development; familiar with early planning, design, procedures and key steps of a project; able to manage a large-scale project.

4、 Capable in implementing plans, good at coordination and communication, have strong responsibility and leadership ability; have the spirit of teamwork.

5、 Good at thinking and making conclusions; dare to think and able to bear pressure.

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